Weighted Blanket for Anxiety & Sleep – Review

As you are probably aware from reading my blog, I suffer from severe anxiety and I have a lot of trouble sleeping. I have tried various items and methods to help with these – so I thought I would do a review on each item I have tried. Expect a few of these posts to come in the future! If you’re new to my blog – Hi, hello! My name is Chelsea and I blog about all sorts of things, but mainly lifestyle, books, beauty, health and food. You can view my about me page to read more if you like!

The item I will be writing about today is the weighted blanket. I kept seeing these pop up on my Facebook all the time. I remember clicking on one of the links and being shocked by the price. After that I was put off for a while, until the blanket kept being basically waved in front of my face. They eventually had a $125 off sale for Mother’s Day, so I jumped on a purchase then. In total it was AU$234, usually AU$359. This was a huge purchase for me – I never, ever make spontaneous purchases like that. I really had high hopes for this product after seen all of the positive reviews.


I bought the ‘Therapy Premium Weighted Blanket – The Adaptive Series / 7kg (Adult)’ in Rose Gold from this website. First of all, I wouldn’t say the colour was rose gold, it is a bit of a yucky yellow/brown colour which I disliked as soon as I opened my parcel.

Rose Gold

The weighted blanket and cover are separate and you have to zip them together yourself – this is so the cover can be washed without having to put the whole blanket in. I purchased the 7kg one which is 122cm x 198cm which is quite large, and heavy. This is what the blanket states:

Feels like a big hug
“Therapy Blanket utilises deep touch pressure to gently distribute pressure evenly across your body, promoting a deeper, more restful night’s sleep. The result is a natural reduction in stress and increase in calmness while also promoting more positive mood and relaxation.”

Weighted for complete sensory calmness
“Therapy Blanket’s weighted filling uses ‘Dura-bead’ technology, It’s a unique high density glass micro-bead that stays quiet even when moving around. They’re non-toxic, food grade and odourless making them the perfect choice for blanket filling.”

‘Thera-Tex’ for all year round comfort
“The Therapy team spends countless hours researching the best materials to help you fall asleep faster. For Therapy’s blanket cover, we designed it to be reversible with one side made from our ultra-comfy micro-plush fabric that’s soft as butter – perfect for the colder months. The other side is made from our luxurious and ultra-breathable bamboo lyocell fabric – with a cooling effect that’s ideal for the warmer months. The outer cover is also easily removable, revealing a weighted inner blanket made from premium long staple cotton.”


The first immediate thought I had with the blanket (other than the colour) was how ridiculously heavy it was. I struggled. Also, the quality of the zip was awful – I expected a lot better for the price. Then it came to using it. I tried it out on the couch while watching TV first. To me, the blanket made me feel trapped and like I couldn’t move. I didn’t like the feeling too much. I also struggled to lean over to the coffee table to pick up my glass of water.

Then it came to trying the blanket in bed. One of the worst things was carrying it from the lounge to the bedroom – I usually got my other half to do this as it was easier for him than me. I absolutely hated the blanket on the bed. I constantly felt like I had something on top of me and that I was suffocating. Also, turning over in bed was a struggle, and took more energy than it usually would, waking you up more. I slept so much worse with the blanket. After a few weeks, I gave up with it. I took it off the bed and I slept much better!

I did absolutely nothing for my anxiety, sleep issues or stress. I feel like it would work much better for someone with ADHD, Asperger’s or restlessness.

I have decided to sell the blanket, so someone could get use out of it, and to get some money back from what I spent on it. I took the cover off the blanket and washed it. When it came to putting the cover back on once it was dry – it turned out the zip broke so it was impossible to get it together again!

Frustrated, I contacted the company. They got back to me fairly quickly and offered to send a new cover – once I provided photo proof of the broken zip. I sent through photos and a video that they gracefully accepted. They said it was very rare for something like this to happen, and that it was really bizarre for someone to say that the zip quality was poor.

The new cover came and now it is ready to sell.

Weighted blankets have helped so many people, but unfortunately I wasn’t one of them. I rate my experience with the blanket 1/5 stars, rate the item itself 3/5 stars, and the company 5/5 stars.

Image result for 1/5 stars

Image result for 3/5 star rating

Company/Customer Service
Image result for 5/5 star rating wiki

Thank you for reading this review, there will be more to come.

Chelsea x


  1. Naomi Garvey

    That’s really interesting thank you! I also see these adverts ALL the time and have been thinking about whether it would be worth me trying. I suffer from Depression, Anxiety and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome amongst other things. I usually have a lighter and cooler duvet than most and still wake up sweating a lot so I don’t think these would be for me. I don’t think I would like feeling trapped or it being harder to turn etc. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. alltimechelsea

      Thank you so much for reading I’m so glad you enjoyed! 😊 I’m sorry that you suffer from those. So many people swear by these blankets which is great but sadly it’s not for me, or you by the sounds of it!


  2. molly rose

    This actually makes me so sad! I’ve been really intrigued to try one of these blankets for succccch a long time now, but never got around to it because of how much they cost! That absolutely sucks that it didn’t work for you at all, especially since it was so expensive and because I’ve heard it works for so many other people! I really hope you can find something else to help you sleep better x

    Liked by 1 person

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