How All Our Animals Are Getting Along

As you know we have three animals now (feels like a bit of a zoo tbh), so I thought I would do a little update post on how they’re all getting along! We have a cockatiel named Tofu, and two dogs named Missy & Kora. You can check out their individual posts by clicking their names. And yes, they all have middle names haha.

We got our bird Tofu first, before we bought our house. We have had him for about 1 ½ years now, and honestly couldn’t imagine the house without him in it. He will be two in February, how cute.

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Missy, our Staffy, we got back in in March of this year, just after my birthday and just before our engagement party. This was a little bit of a life change as I had never had a puppy before. She learn everything fairly quickly though which was great. The toilet training time is the worst part, but once you get through that stage, things become way more relaxed. She will be one in December.

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Lastly, we got our Japanese Spitz, baby Kora at the end of June this year. We really haven’t had her very long but I couldn’t imagine not having her now. She lights up my life so much. She is all I’ve ever wanted in a dog – white, super fluffy and adorable. When we take her for walks people stop in the streets and cars almost crash from being distracted at her. She was born in May, so we got her at a very young age, the youngest puppy we’ve ever had to deal with, so the toilet training has gone for a lot longer sadly – but it is so worth it in the end. I love all our animals so much.

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Tofu Benedict

IMG_3130The longer we’ve had our animals, the more their personality comes out as they get comfortable. Tofu loves his seed and treats, and only accepts head scratches, nothing else. If you touch him on his back or front, prepare for him to get angry at you. I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m a toilet also – if he is on my shoulder for even 2 minutes, he will poop. It is so annoying but also funny. At the moment he is a Daddy’s boy, he loves being with Josh as he is up higher and has a mirror on his desk for him. He also loves mirrors AKA, himself.

He is not a fan of the dogs, but he is much more used to Missy than he is Kora. He will climb all over Missy, but if she puts her nose near him, he will hiss at it and bite it. Missy never learns her lesson. It’s pretty hilarious. Tofu is the boss. He won’t really go near Kora as I think he is scared at her fluff. We are trying to have him with the dogs as much as possible so he feels comfortable around them and also so the dogs realise he is family too. We will NEVER leave them all out together unsupervised – as dogs have instincts and you can never really trust them with things like this!

Missy Lou

IMG_2988Wow, Missy has such a crazy personality. She is scared of everything which is funny and she is such an idiot at times and is super clumsy. She has banged her head on the wall that many times I’m surprised she still has brain cells haha! She is super needy and wants attention all the time. She loves to lay on me on the couch and fall asleep. The couch is her haven, she absolutely loves it.

Her and Kora get along like a house on fire, they play fight all the time, it is so entertaining to watch. Missy also has a gentle nature – if Kora suddenly tries to eat Missy’s dinner (if we catch her doing this she gets in trouble), and Missy will just step back and think ‘oh ok’. She isn’t too fussed about food. Though when Kora has a toy, she’ll instantly want it and snatch it off her – this is easy for her as she is bigger and stronger. She gets super jealous.


I have to say, Missy is one of the best walkers. She won’t pull and stays at a nice steady pace and rarely sniffs things around her. She just gets distracted by people and at times stops in her tracks and also pulls, but that’s it. She’s not really fussed about other dogs, all she wants to do is play!

Kora May

Image previewMy little Kora, she also has a wild personality. She is an absolute scavenger when it comes to food. It took us a while to train her to sit and stay before she gets given her breakfast/dinner because she is just so food orientated. Whenever she is good and listens, she always gets a treat. She is also much braver than Missy, but at the same time she is a little sook. She will squeal at the most minor things. At the start she scared us into thinking she was really hurt.

She loves to sleep under the coffee table and in enclosed places. Missy is a bit the same in that regard. Kora is also pretty good on walks. She was stubborn at the start and kept stopping and sitting down, but she has now learnt some good walking habits from her sister, and now they walk together just fine. Kora also stops when she sees strangers, and is more vocal than Missy, as Missy hardly barks.

All in all, the two dogs get along so well. We were a bit worried at the start that they wouldn’t and that Kora would get hurt from the size difference of them both, but we haven’t had an issue. Missy has been so gentle with Kora.

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My favourite part on a workday is when I get home and the dogs jump all over me with excitement and my bird chirping because he’s also excited.

It’s crazy how different animals & people can be.

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea x

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