Earplugs & Eye-Masks for Anxiety & Sleep – Review

Hi everyone and welcome to another post relating to anxiety and sleep. In this post I wanted to focus on wearing earplugs and an eye-mask to bed. I have been using earplugs every night now for quite a few years – at least since starting my first full-time job which was about 5 ½ years ago. Before this, I only used to use them when I was away from home and sleeping in a different bed.

I cannot tell you how much earplugs have helped me sleep. Including getting to sleep and staying asleep. I am one of those people that can only fall asleep in pure silence. No matter how tired I am, any noise will keep me awake, including television, music and snoring. They definitely help when sleeping next to a partner that snores – who else is in the same boat as me here!?

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I am very lucky that my Dad works at a place where they have access to as many earplugs as they want at all times. So he gives us a fair few each time we see him so that we don’t run out. It’s not like they’re very expensive though, only a few dollars. It just helps not having to constantly purchase them. My partner uses them also. We both swear by them and now cannot sleep without them, which is sort of a bad thing. Though, we just make sure we take them with us if we ever go away somewhere. You definitely get used to having them in your ears.

Eye-mask wearing is sort of a newer thing for me. I have only been wearing one for the past year or so. They are great for blocking out all light, so that you are in pure blackness. They really help when the sun starts to seep in through the curtains/blinds in the morning. They are a blessing on weekends so you can have a sleep-in and not get woken up by the brightness! I bought mine off Ebay for only a few dollars. You can get so many different ones. I find they definitely help with my sleep quality.

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All-in-all, I would highly recommend these two products for sleep and anxiety! Hearing noises while you sleep like snoring can definitely increase your anxiety so I would definitely recommend earplugs.


Earplugs – 5/5

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Eye-mask – 5/5

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Thank you for taking the time to read my review! I hope these posts help you or inform you if you struggle with anxiety, stress or sleep.

Chelsea x

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