Q&A Time!

I asked you guys on Instagram and Twitter for questions and you delivered! I haven’t done a Q&A in the longest time so I thought the blog was due for one. Also, happy December! We’re in the countdown to Christmas, I will be sure to upload some Christmas related content.

Thank you if you asked a question – let’s get into it!

What is one of your biggest dreams?
This sounds really lame, but to have a popular blog and to be able to work from home with it and have more freedom with life.

Scariest experience?
Being in a 5-car accident on a main freeway – you can read about that here.

What’s your favourite TV show?
Ooooh this is a hard one. I have a few favourites – The Inbetweeners, Friends and 13 Reasons Why. They are all very different.

Any advise for aspiring bloggers?
Not particularly haha. Just try and get yourself out there. Be unique and be true to yourself.

What’s your all time favourite book and why?
The best book I have read so far is The Woman in the Window – I was absolutely hooked each page I read, it was fantastic – you can read my review here.

What is your favourite hobby?

Do you have a favourite song?
Deathbeds – Bring Me The Horizon.

What’s the best concert you’ve attended?
Ooooh I’ve been to quite a lot – Bring Me The Horizon were amazing, but Linkin Park were also amazing too.

Coffee or tea?

Cats or dogs?
Dogs definitely.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Chocolate, without a doubt.

What makes you angry?
Bad drivers and traffic.

What is your biggest fear?
Death and hospitals.

Would you rather go out or stay in?
Stay in definitely, I am 25 going on 80 lmao.

Your favourite pizza topping?
I’m boring – margherita.

Favourite ice-cream?
Choc mint!

Favourite dessert?
My Nan’s apple pie with cream and vanilla ice-cream.

What’s your starsign and when is your Birthday?
Pisces – 1st March!

Do you have any siblings?

What’s your middle name?

Burgers or tacos?
Probably burgers, but I like both!


That is all we have today! If you sent in a question, thanks heaps! This post wouldn’t be possible without you.

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea x


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