Paperless Post Review – Gifted

Hi everyone and welcome to my first ever gifted post! I was contacted from Paperless Post to write a review on their digital services and products.

If you don’t know what Paperless Post is, it is a website where you can pick out and design your own digital cards. I think this is a great way to send invitations to friends and family without harming the environment. They have all sorts of holiday cards (including Christmas), Birthday cards and invitations, Wedding invitations and corporate invitations and flyers.

home screenshot

I feel like sooner or later that mailed cards and invitations are going to be a thing of the past, and everything will become digital. It is still nice to receive a handwritten card in the mail though, don’t get me wrong there.

I thought I’d make this post Christmas themed, as Christmas is fast approaching!

christmas home

There are so many cards to choose from, here are my favourites, click the pictures to be taken to the link! Please note that this was done on a desktop.

christmas present


couples christmas

family card

family gold

child lights


If you make your own Christmas card, I feel like it should be super personal, so with a picture of you and your significant other, pictures of your kids or pictures of your pets. I love the idea of that.

I’m going to pick one of the designs and see how I go with creating and purchasing. I have been given coins to use for the purpose of this post. All the designs I’ve seen start at 2 coins. I am now on the ‘customise’ page:

customise 1

On this design, you can add your own photo and edit the text. As you can see, to have a special background it costs 1 extra coin. I have chosen this Christmasy background as it matches with the card really well.

Adding a photo is super simple, you just click the blank photo section! And editing the text was very easy.

customise 2

You then click ‘next’ to the right side of the screen to edit the envelope colour and patterns! Again, this is another extra coin.

customise 3

You can also edit text on the front of the envelope for who you are sending it too! No extra coins are needed for doing this.

customise 4

You can then add recipients to a list – it will only cost you a few coins per person, depending on how extra you went out for the design. Mine cost 5 coins per person.

customise 5

You just add in the details and it will send an email automatically! It’s pretty awesome, and so easy to do!

Please be sure to let your recipients know that the email/card may go through to junk, so make sure they check! As mine did.

You recipient can also send a message in response, to say thank you etc. You can also have a list of names and email addresses saved on your account, so each time you would like to send a card/invitation the list is there ready to go!

All in all, I think the idea of Paperpost is really great. I think it would also save time and resources, I love that it is great for the environment. The customisation was really easy to use also.

Make sure to check out the links I’ve included if you’re interested in checking out Paperless Post at all!

Thanks for reading, and thank you to Paperless Post for the chance to write a gifted post!

Chelsea x



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