Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! It’s Time for a Break

Hi everyone!

This is just a quick post to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas. I also hope you all have a great New Year. Also, happy Boxing Day!! Get in with the bargains while you can and go crazy with shopping, it’s a good excuse! Next year is going to be a big one for me with wedding organising and honeymooning! It’s going to be crazy. I am excited and nervous at the same time.

I am currently on annual leave from work (I work full time Monday-Friday) and wanted to let you know that I am going to have a little break from blogging. I haven’t had a break in about two years – I manage to get a post up every Monday & Friday without fail, which I think is pretty good dedication if I say so myself.

I think I will also have a break around October time as that’s when we will be getting married, and I’ll be pretty preoccupied. But don’t you worry – I’ll definitely be bringing out a post-wedding post when I get around to it.


I’ll be taking about a two week break – you will see when I’m back.

Let me know in the comments what you did for Christmas and what your plans are for New Years and the rest of the holidays! Also let me know if you have any resolutions!


Thank you everyone for supporting me this year. I appreciate every view, like, comment and follow. I wouldn’t still be here without all of you. Thank you. My blog will be 2 years old in February – and so will my bird, crazy!

See you in 2020, I’m signing off.

Chelsea x


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