What I Did For Christmas 2019

I gave you a list of the things I got for Christmas, now I’m going to tell you what I got up to on Christmas Day! I thought some of you might be interested!

Christmas morning was spent opening presents under the tree with our dogs. It was our first Christmas in our house with our dogs so it was a bit special. And yes, they both had a present wrapped under the tree, as did our bird.

We spent Christmas lunch at my Fiance’s Mum’s place.

AfterlightImage (1)

We left at around 11am and got stuck in bad traffic, as everyone seemed to be heading to lunch. We had a traditional roast lunch with all the roast veggie additions. Beef, pork, chicken, pumpkin, potato, carrot, corn & peas. I made rum balls for us all for dessert. We spent a couple hours there, then we headed back to our place as we put on a ‘snacky’ Christmas dinner.

We had my Mum, Dad and my Fiance’s Mum at our place for dinner. I thought no one would have been too hungry after a big lunch, so I thought an easy dinner would have been in order. Everyone else agreed. The food we served:

  • Party pies
  • Sausage rolls
  • Spring rolls
  • Cheese, kabana & carrot platter
  • Dip, camenbert and biscuit platter
  • ‘Christmas Bark’
  • Rum balls

Everyone actually really liked the easy dinner. It ended up being super Australian.


We opened presents, then after dinner and dessert, we played some board games. Everyone ended up really liking the game we played ‘The Logo Game’ as it is a game on brands and logos, knowledge that everyone has a bit of.

This was the Christmas Bark I made, I will put the recipe up in the next few weeks:


Everyone left at around 8:30pm. As soon as everyone left, the dogs basically collapsed into a deep sleep as they were exhausted from all the attention haha.


We watched some TV shows together then went to bed. And that was basically our Christmas. This was the last one before we become a married couple, which is insane! It was also the first Christmas without my Pa. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on the blog, but he passed away in September 2019. It was weird.

I hope you all had a fab Christmas! Let me know what you got up to in the comments!

Chelsea x

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