New House Goals – 1.5 Years In

I was looking through some of my old posts and came across this one, regarding new house goals. We have been in out house coming up to 1.5 years now (crazy!) and I thought I would update you with what goals have been met!
  1. Get a puppy!
    We don’t have one… but two puppies! But not a Golden Retriever like we originally planned. You can read all about our puppers and bird here.
  2. Get a treadmill 
    I would still definitely like to get a tredmill, so I can work out in the comfort of my own home – and also watch YouTube/Netflix at the same time! This one isn’t urgent at this stage, but I would definitely like to get one.
  3. Do more meal prep
    We definitely do more meal prep! Our meal prep night is usually a Sunday so we are set and ready for lunches and dinners for the week – this definitely takes a bit of stress off us. Josh will usually also cook a meal during the week as well to keep us going – he gets home earlier than me. We treat ourselves to take-away once a week on the weekend.
  4. Bake more
    I can happliy say that I bake almost EVERY week!! I usually do my choc chip cookies for morning tea for both of us. I make other things every now and then also!
  5. Put more effort into my blog
    I think I have put a little more effort in but I can definitely do better. It is just hard trying to run a blog and work full-time! There is only so much effort I can put in with the time that I have.
  6. Take more photos
    I could definitely improve on this also. I always forget to take my good cameras places with me – they are also bulky and heavy which makes getting around hard. Would definitely still like to take more photos than I do right now. At the moment, most of the pictures I take are of my pets haha.
  7. Have decor around the house
    This is something I’ve been really lazy with, with the new house. It was hard because I was not well for quite a few months after moving in – but when I was better again I totally lost motivation. We do though have a few plants, pillows, photos and diffusers which is a good start.

All in all, I’ve actually surprised myself with how well I’ve done. To be totally honest with you, I forgot about these goals!! You can read my original post below.


Hi everyone, I hope life is treating you well. It is Christmas soon woohoo! This year has flown by, hasn’t it? I feel like for me, the first part of the year wasn’t great, but the second half has been pretty amazing, still with downs of course, but mainly ups.
We have recently moved into a new house and there are a few goals I would love to achieve. This might be useful for you too if you have just moved somewhere new, or are about to move.

1. Get a puppy!

Two Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppies

This is an important one! A house doesn’t really feel like a home to me unless there is a dog. We are hoping to get a Golden Retriever/Labrador, as this is the type of dog we agreed on as we both love them. We would love to get a puppy to get along with our bird, I think that would be adorable. I’ve always wanted my own dog/puppy – the dogs that I’ve had have always been family dogs. I can’t wait until I can cuddle one, play with it and take it for walks. Please enjoy these puppy pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Close-up of Dog Yawning
Golden Retriever Puppy on Marble Tile
Image result for golden retriever puppies
Image result for golden retriever puppies

2. Get a treadmill

Image result for treadmill outside

I’ve wanted a treadmill for quite a while now. So when I get home from work I can just jump straight on and do some cardio, in stead of having to get ready and lock the house up to go for a walk around the neighbourhood. Don’t get me wrong though – going for a walk around outside is GREAT, I discovered that we have a creek with ducks and ducklings a two-minute walk away! I would love to set the treadmill up outside under the patio and mount a small TV on the wall so that I can watch some shows outside to make the time go quicker and so it isn’t as boring!

3. Do more meal prep

Lunch table / salad
I said when we moved that I would love to do some more meal preparation for our working weeks. Planning some time on a Sunday would be best, and just cooking up as much food as possible, and as healthy as possible. Some bulk meals we like doing, which are also very easy, is pasta with hidden vegetables (usually bolagnaise) and stir fry. I would love to cook more in general and try out some new recipes. For Christmas last year (2017) I received Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredient Recipe book, so I would love to do some more recipes out of that.

Selective Focus Photography of Pasta With Tomato and Basil

4. Bake more

Flour in a jar

I have always loved baking. Since moving from house to house, I haven’t had the utensils and items I need to bake, nor have I really had a chance. Throughout 2018 my health has been up and down, so most of my down time in spent relaxing and recovering. Since moving into our own place, I have gone out and bought all the items I need to do some baking! I love doing cookies, muffins, cupcakes and cakes in general. I have the cookbook ‘Tanya Bakes’ by Tanya Burr, I have done a few recipes in here but I definitely would like to try some more. I am excited!
bake, baked goods, baking

5. Put more effort into my blog

author, blog, businesswoman
As you know, I would LOVE to blog as a full-time job. I currently work full-time so I struggle to have time to put in the effort my blog needs. I am trying to change this. I am very consistent with my posts – posting every Monday & Thursday without a fail, but I would love to up the quality of my blog. My dream is to quit working and to solely do blogging from home as a living. I know this is hard to do, but the only way for me to get there is with your help! I love and appreciate all of your support, please keep supporting me!
Flat Lay Photography of Books, Black Ipad, and Coffee Cup

6. Take more photos

Shallow Focus Photo of Dslr Camera on Brown Wooden Table

This definitely ties in with number 5, more effort on my blog. I would love to start taking more of my own photos for my blog. I would also like to start taking more photos in general. I have a $1000 SLR camera and also an $800 digital camera that I would love to get more use out of. An iPhone photo just seems a lot easier these days.

adult, blur, camera

7. Have more decor around the house

Selective Focus Photography of Three Succulent Plants

Now that we own a house, we can definitely make it our own by putting in plants and putting up artwork. I have never really had the chance to do this before, and it really excites me that I can finally do this. I am thinking maybe some fake plants, as I can’t really be trusted with live plants as I forget to water them! (who else is like this!?) and I am thinking some nice prints on the wall – nature photos, cities or text artwork. I also can’t forget pictures of us.

Selective Focus Photography Of Candle In Pink Ornate Holder
Those are all the goals I have for our new place! Do you have any goals at the moment, what are they? Coming up to the end of the year, have you thought of any new year resolutions? Let me know in the comments below!
I hope you enjoyed this post! I am excited to start implementing these.
Chelsea x


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