What I Did For New Years Eve 2019

I don’t think this is going to be a very long post, but I thought I would tell you what we got up to on New Years Eve! We had a fairly low-key night for us, but made a private Facebook event a while ago and invited a few friends around. Only 3 ended up being able to come but that was fine, we still had a good time.

I had a pretty lazy day, just doing things around the house, and chilling with my dogs.


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Everyone came round at 7pm for food, drinks and games. Sadly I couldn’t drink as I was on antibiotics trying to fight off tonsillitis. We put out some chips, corn chips as well as Celebration chocolates, lollies and some leftover rum balls from Christmas. One of our friends also brought a cobb loaf which got absolutely demolished, as it always does.

We started the night off eating snacks and having a good chat and catch up. We then decided to start playing games – we ended up playing ‘What Do You Meme’, a funny card game I got for Christmas, for the majority of the night. Everyone loved it.

Twenty minutes before midnight, we all sat around the TV and waited for the countdown and fireworks on TV. We watched the channel with the Melbourne fireworks, though they aren’t as good as the Sydney ones.


I don’t think they should have had fireworks at all with all the bushfires happening around the country, the money could definitely be better spent.

It got to twelve, then we all started blowing our party blowers and did them as loud as we could. We then ran outside to do party poppers and made a good mess of the front yard. Don’t worry, we cleaned up immediately afterwards.

We then came back inside and watched some TV. 2 of our friends left at around 12:30am, and we had one friend stay over in our spare room.

In the morning I woke up fresh as I didn’t have a single mouthful of alcohol. Josh drank but he was pretty ok too. We got up and had some coffee, our friend that stayed had some breakfast and headed off.

That was pretty much our night! Sorry it wasn’t that interesting, thanks for reading anyway!

Happy 2020!

Chelsea x

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