Travel Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Mina from stacked-reviews blog to do a travel tag! I have never actually travelled overseas out of Australia (I live in Melbourne, Victoria), but I have infact travelled quite a bit in our state, and also New South Wales and Queensland. I am hoping to leave the country for a bit this year for our honeymoon!

What countries have you already travelled to?

None 😦 I have never left Australia. Though the main places I have been to out of my state are:

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Sydney
  • Byron Bay
  • Canberra

Which destination is at the top of your bucket list?

At the top of my list is America – in particular Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida and also New York.

What is your most ideal holiday?

My most ideal holiday would be somewhere I can relax – somewhere with pools, spa’s, massages etc. and also somewhere where I can go exploring.

Which place did you think was so special that you’d love to go back?

I’d love to go back to Brisbane. The city was so clean and pretty, and the weather was always mild – 24-28 degrees c. There was also this section along the Southbank that had a man made pool, it was really cool. I just like how well looked after Brisbane was. I’d also defintiely go back to the themeparks around Brisbane and Gold Coast.

What is your favourite holiday photo?

I have many, but this is one of my favourites from our recent weekend trip to Bendigo with our puppers:



Who do you tend to go on holiday with?

Always my Fiance. I have never done a group trip.

Would you rather go on a snow or sun holiday?

Probably sun as it would be easier to get around and go to all different places without having to rug up. But going on a snow holiday would also be cool (pun intended).

If you’re reading this and like this tag – it’s now you’re turn to do it!

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Thank you for reading!


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