Bands/Artists I’ve Seen Live

Hey ya’ll and welcome to another post. I should point out that I say ‘ya’ll’ a lot for someone who isn’t southern, nor American. I just think it’s fun to say. Anyway, let’s get into the post!

So, I love music. A lot. I love all different bands and artists. Throughout the years I have seen many of them play live, so today I’m going to list all that I’ve seen. Let me know if you are a lover of any of the below, or if you’ve seen any of these live too! I haven’t gone to a concert in a while sadly as it’s hard to find time for them these days, especially when they play on a weeknight. The bands and artists I have seen are:

  • All Time Low (x3)
    They are so good live and they are funny – one time they did shots on stage with a few fans.
  • Blink-182 (x2)
    The two times I’ve seen Blink was within 2 days of another. I saw them play at their own show, then at Soundwave which is a music festival.
  • Fall Out Boy (x2)
    The last time I was in a mosh pit, and decided I didn’t want to be in one ever again. I was so squashed in the crowd that my feet weren’t even on the ground, I was standing and walking around on other people’s feet. Still love Fall Out Boy though.
  • Owl City
    We waited an hour to get through the doors, another hour for the first support artist to start performing, then when they finished, another hour for Owl City to come out. The time wait at this one was absolutely terrible. Owl City was awesome though, I am so glad I saw him. It’s about time he came back to Aus. I got home at 12:30am that night, and had to get up at 5:30am the next day. Let’s just say I was very tired.
  • Simple Plan (x2)
    They do fab shows, and when I saw them, they played at fairly small venues which was awesome. During the shows, they threw out blow up balls into the crowd and everyone bounced them around, it was great.
  • Bring Me the Horizon
    Absolutely incredible – they put on an amazing show. I have only seen them once, but had tickets to see them earlier in the year, but I couldn’t go due to illness which was really disappointing, but nothing you can do about that sadly.
  • Panic! At The Disco (x2)
    Brendon Urie’s vocals are amazing, he is one of my favourite performers. They put on a great show, we are hoping they come back again to our city!
  • Linkin Park
    I only saw these guys once at Soundwave, but I have to say, they were fantastic live. I am sad they aren’t around anymore. RIP Chester Bennington.
  • The Offspring
  • The Amity Affliction (x2)
  • Motion City Soundtrack
  • Paramore
  • New Found Glory
  • The Used
  • Short Stack
  • Hands Like Houses (x2)
  • While She Sleeps
  • Tonight Alive
  • The Summer Set
  • Hot Chelle Rae
  • We The Kings
  • Man Overboard
  • Kids in Glass Houses
  • Veara
  • Amy Meredith
  • Masketta Fall
  • Heroes For Hire
  • For Our Hero
  • Because They Can (x2)
  • The Never Ever (x2)
  • New Empire
  • Built on Secrets
  • British India


I am pretty proud of my list. If I mentioned something about each band, I would have been here all day, so I only wrote about my all-time favourites. There are still a few bands/artists that I enjoy that I haven’t seen – hopefully I will be able to extend my list in the future.

Thanks for reading!! Let me know of your favourite bands and artists below!

Chelsea x


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