Book Review – Whisper Network

Hi readers, and welcome to another book review! This was another book I picked up at our local department store. The title of the book excited me – I love reading about secrets and drama. To be honest, I wasn’t sure about the blurb but I thought I would give it a go. I wish I didn’t give it a go though haha.

Today’s book is..

Whisper Network by Chandler Baker


Four women learn their boss (a man who’s always been surrounded by rumors about how he treats women) is next in line to be CEO – what will happen when they decide that enough is enough?

“Sloane, Ardie, Grace and Rosalita are four women who have worked at Truviv Inc. for years. The sudden death of the CEO means their boss, Ames, will likely take over the entire company. Ames is a complecated man, a man they’ve all known for a long time, a man who’s always been surrounded by.. whispers. Whispers that have always been ignored by those in charge. But the world has changed, and they women are watching Ames’s latest promotion differently. This time, they’ve decided enough is enough.

Sloane and her collegues set in motion a catastrophic shift within every floor and department of Truviv offices. All four women’s lives – as women, collegues, mothers, wifes, friends, even adversaries – will change dramatically as a result.

“If only you had listened to us” they tell us on page one, “none of this would have happened.””

Let me get straight to the point – I absolutely hated reading this book. I haven’t had so much hatred towards a book in a long time. The book and story was really hard to follow and didn’t flow nicely at all. There was also so many horrible names in the book AKA Sloane, Ames, Truviv etc… I read the book not knowing how I should be pronouncing these. Apologies if you have any of these names, I don’t mean any disrespect it’s just that I didn’t know how I should be pronouncing these!

The office that they worked in was a legal office – I don’t know about you but I don’t know legal office talk at all, which made it even harder for me to understand. The book just jumped from one thing to another, and nothing remotely interesting happened until at least half, to three quarters of the way through the book. I had urges to quit reading at not even 100 pages. I am regretting that now as I wish I did. It was a big book about nothing in my eyes.

The ending was also horrible – it ended abruptly and didn’t close anything off at all. This book was awful to read and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. When I finished the book I literally threw it across the room and couldn’t wait to start my next one, which so far is 100% better than this.

The book is written from the four main female character perspectives. The only positive I have regarding this book is women fighting back.

All I can say about this one is don’t waste your time and money on this book like I did.

The genres of this one are fiction, mystery, thriller and contemporary.

I rate this one a 1/10.

I am so sorry for such a negative review, but I had to tell you my thoughts and full opinion. I am also so sorry if you enjoyed this book – this is my opinion only and I am so glad you enjoyed reading it, but was not my cup of tea at all. Each to their own!

Thank you for joining me in another book review.

Chelsea x


  1. Elsie LMC

    A shame you didn’t enjoy it but I like seeing negative reviews (as weird as that sounds 😂) because there are so many books out there that people don’t enjoy and the honesty you’ve shown in this post is what must go on every day so it’s a realistic portrayal of reading that gets hidden a lot in the blogosphere so great post! 💕 What have you moved on to reading now?

    Liked by 1 person

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