Our Dog Missy’s 1st Birthday

Welcome to a super cute post. This post is very delayed, but we celebrated Missy’s 1st Birthday back in December 2019 with a family BBQ. Some people laughed when I told them we were having a get-together for our eldest dogs Birthday. It’s pretty funny, but they are family and deserve a little treat and extra love too on their Birthday.

I’m actually posting this the day after my Birthday (1st March), 26 years old oh my god, less than half to 30, how scary. So I will probably write up what I did for my Birthday, though we spent the weekend at our friends place for the ‘celebration of love’, I’ll tell you what we got up to in between. I actually have the day off today to so something for my Birthday!

Getting back to Missy’s Birthday, she was born on 10th December, but we held the BBQ on the weekend before it, 7th December. This was a pretty casual catch up, consisting of 7 family members, 9 of us all together.

We put on sausages and burgers along with some bread, bread rolls, green salad, sauces and cookies. My Mum brought some yum potato salad and my Auntie brought a cake with some extra little sweets.

After lunch we sang happy Birthday to Missy, she had no idea what was going on, it was pretty funny. I bought a little Birthday bandanna for her, I managed to get her to sit still for a photo.


Family stayed for a couple of hours then left, leaving us with plenty of leftovers for dinner. As soon as everyone left, the dogs fell straight to sleep on the couch, they were exhausted from all the attention.


And that was how we spent Missy’s Birthday. Next up is Kora’s on 5th May!

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea x


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