Day Trip To Yarragon, Victoria

Quite a few weekends ago, I deceided that instead of just sitting around on a Saturday morning , that we would go on a little day trip. I quite frequently drive down to Gippsland (South East Melbourne) way for work, and I always drive past Yarragon. I hadn’t been there in ages, and I also heard there was a lollyshop there, so I wanted to drop by and check it out. Yarragon is about an hour and 20 minute drive from Melbourne, it is a bit of a distance away but not too far. It’s a lot closer for us though as we don’t live in the heart of Melbourne (I wish!).

yarragon (2)

We left home at about 11am to drive there. The first thing we did was find a cafe for lunch. This took us a while as we just couldn’t decide where to go – this always happens with us and food! We finally decided on a cafe called Siccone. I had a ham and cheese croissant and Josh had this mac and cheese thing with egg and bacon. I didn’t get any pictures sadly at this time as I was feeling super anxious and just had to concentrate on not feeling anxious.

After we stopped for some lunch, we had a little walk around the shops. First we went into a bakery/deli to see what treat I could buy to take home. I ended up getting these


100 & 1000’s yoyo biscuits. I love yoyo biscuits and I can never seem to say no to them. I used to make these all the time as they are super easy! This particular bakery/deli would have all sorts for a sweets lover and also savoury lovers! Most things in there were made locally in Gippsland.

We continued to walk down the main street and came across an animal gift shop. In this shop – everything had animals on it which we thought was pretty cool, and a good/different idea for a shop! We ended up getting a few things for my Mum in there for Christmas.

Further down the street – we went where I was waiting to go the whole time, the lolly shop! I ended up getting a few packets of things, and also a packet for my coworker who also loves lolly shops. I managed to get a whole jar full of things – I keep this jar on my desk at work for when it gets to the afternoon and you need a little sweet fix, or when people visit me at my desk they can have some.


I ended up getting some fruit tingle lollies, assorted sherberts and my personal favourite choc mint lollies with chocolate in the middle.

After checking out everything in the lolly shop, we headed home, and nothing much interesting happened after that!

I was happy we did something different and got out and about just doing our own thing.

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea x

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