Wedding Hair & Make-Up Inspiration

Hi everyone and welcome to another wedding themed post! Next month I am getting a hair & make up trial done for the big day which will be super exciting! So I thought I’d go through some of my inspiration for hair & make-up! I’ve been on Pinterest for ages at a time to find these. Let’s start with hair!



I’m after a pretty simple look for hair. Curly/wavy hair down with maybe a plait across the top. I was originally going to have a flower crown but have since changed my mind. I will now be wearing a tiara instead. I thought all the flower may have looked a bit much with my flower bouquet. I still haven’t decided what colour I want my hair for the day. I am leaning towards blonde at this stage. I am natural brown though. I want my hair down for the special day, so at the moment I am growing it as long as I can. I’ve been growing it for about a year and a half now.

Now lets go through some make-up looks!





I’m going for a pretty natural make up look with enphasis on the eyes basically. I haven’t decided if I want false eyelashes yet as they cost extra. I have pretty long natural eyelashes so I might not need to. I really love the pink shimmer of the eyeshadow on the first photo, it looks SO pretty. I would definitely want a pink blush with natural coloured lipstick.

I have booked in for myself and my bridesmaids to get hair & make-up done on the day which will be really fun!

That’s all I have for you today, sorry about the short post! I hope you enjoyed anyway though!

Chelsea x


  1. Debbie ๐Ÿ’“

    I love all the inspiration you have , for hair the 2nd one really got me, and for makeup I’m a sucker for natural makeup and all of them are so pretty ….i can’t wait to know what you go with ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    Hope you have a lovely day

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