Book Review – To Have And To Hold

Hello lovely readers, and welcome to another book review! I currently have quite a few books on my iBooks that need to be read, and this is one of them. This book was quite short – it was unexpected as I didn’t really take notice of how many pages there was. This isn’t a bad thing, it meant that the book was straight to the point, and things happened at a good pace.

Today’s book is…

To Have And To Hold by Heidi Renee Mason


“After the death of her husband, single mom Emma McCoy has given up on love. When the mysterious Liam O’Reilly shows up in town, Emma does her best to keep her distance. What Emma doesn’t know is that Liam is connected to her past in a way that she could never imagine, and it will put her future in jeopardy.

In the small town of Beckland, Ohio, danger is the last thing that Emma expects, but since Liam’s arrival, danger is waiting around every corner.”

**Contains spoilers**

I’m not really giving away too many spoilers, but I wanted to put it up just in case!

This book was an absolute pleasure to read. Emma is a single mum of three girls – Lily, Dahlia and Rose. She owns a cafe that is right next to her house, and the house she now lives in was her parents. Emma had a couple of unfortunate events happen to her – her husband getting killed in a plane crash and her Mum & Dad dying in a car accident. The only thing that keeps her going are her children. She finds out after her husbands death that he was having an affair, with their next door neighbour. All lies that he told were surfaced. After this, Emma really tried to close herself off from relationships, until Liam came along. He showed up at her cafe one day, and kept trying to get her attention since. Emma doesn’t know the real reason why Liam was so fixated to her, but eventually she finds out.

This book really kept you reading – especially the parts where someone was stalking Emma – sitting in a car outside her house, and peeping through the fence into the backyard, while she was out there with family. The person it is, is a bit unexpected and the way they came about finally being face-to-face with Emma was crazy. But what do they actually want?

This is only a small chunk of the story. There is so much that happens. The book is written well and super easy to follow. I read it very quickly and loved every minute of it. I also liked how the names in the book were simple.

I’m not really giving away too many spoilers, but I wanted to put it up just in case!

The genre of this one is mystery, romance and suspense.

I rate this one a big 9/10! I would definitely recommend this one if you are after a short, but sweet read. Perfect for someone that loves the above genres.

This book was not what I pictured it being, but even better!

Thank you for reading!

Chelsea x


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