Foods I Dislike!

A lot of posts I’ve done have been about foods I love! My favourite chocolate, biscuits, desserts etc. so I thought I would do one on foods I hate and why! Be sure to let me know in the comments if you share the hate of any of these foods, or if you actually like/love these foods! Enjoy.


Image result for asparagus

Ever since childhood, I have disliked asparagus. My Mum always used to hide them in salad and I would always find it and pick it out. I hate the taste, and also the stringiness of it. Yuck. She finally got sick of me picking it out and never gave it to me again haha.


Image result for celery

Another food I have never liked. I can’t stand the disgusting taste or the texture, plus the stringiness. My Dad doesn’t like celery either. Mum would put it in things but he never said anything. I think he was glad I told her I don’t like it, after that she never gave it to us, though she would always try and hide it in soup… lucky in that you can’t really taste it.


Image result for steak

I will eat this if I really have to. I was always so disappointed when I got served steak when I was younger. I always had trouble eating it. I am PARANOID about pink meat – I can’t have any meat pink (other than ham), therefore steak has to be well-done for me, then it’s really unpleasant to eat. There is basically no point serving it to me haha.

Bok Choy

Image result for bok choy

Just, no. It tastes yuck to me and I hate the texture. I always pick it out when we order Chinese food and this is in it.


Image result for black licorice

Black liquorice.. *gag*. It tastes absolutely horrible – also I’m not alone with this. Liquorice seems very loved or hated. My Mum LOVES it and I HATE it. I also can’t stand the smell of it. I actually love red/raspberry licorice though, that stuff is yum! Maybe because of all that extra sugar 🀣 

Snow Peas

Image result for snow peas

I mainly don’t like the texture with these.. they’re always stringy and I don’t like it. You can definitely see a theme with these.. I don’t like stringy things 🀣


Image result for olives

I used to tolerate green olives, but I no longer do. They have such a strong taste. I think black olives are even worse, and they COMPLETELY ruin pizzas!!


Image result for coriander

Just NO. Ruins any dish it’s put into.


Image result for chilli

I don’t do spicy AT ALL. For me personally, spice ruins dishes for me. I know a lot of people LOVE spice though. Just my personal opinion.

Swiss Cheese

Image result for swiss cheese

Yuuuuuck. To me it has such a yuck, gaggable(?) taste. I’m not one for ‘fancy’ cheeses either. I’ll stick to my tasty cheddar cheese, thanks, WITHOUT holes.

Black tea

Image result for black tea

Omg I cannot stand the taste nor smell of black tea. Some other teas I can handle, if it doesn’t taste like this. I remember when I was on camp in primary school they gave us billy tea, I had one sip and spat it out all over the ground without meaning to, it just happened! Ever since then, I have never had tea. Give me coffee any day though.

There are also quite a few foods that I would never attempt to try – snails, liver, black pudding, blue cheese.. you get the idea. I don’twant to say I hate these as I have never tried them. Who knows, I could like them? I doubt it though!

I actually like brussel sprouts, broccoli, peas, avocado and a lot of other veggies. Pumpkin is my number one favourite.

If you dislike any of these – let me know! Or if you don’t mind these, also let me know!

Thanks for reading ☺️

Chelsea x


  1. Dellybird

    I have never been a fan of liquorice or asparagus. Celery I don’t mind when it is cooked in something but kudos to those that can tolerate celery juice every morning. I shall pass on that health fad xD My parents told me as a child that one day I would like olives but I’m in my 30s and they are still wrong thus far.

    Liked by 1 person

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