Book Review – Three Secrets

I’ve definitely left it way too long to write this review, but I am going to do one anyway! When I finish books, I usually like to write the review the day after while everything is fresh in my mind. This one just sort of slipped away. I haven’t been in the right space to blog lately, but I think it is finally coming back to me. I’ll do my best writing this review.

Today’s book is..

Three Secrets by Clare Boyd


“Robert kisses his wife on the head before heading out to the shop for more wine; he walks up the hill, takes a left across the footbridge and jumps to his death on the busy motorway below.

Two years later, Francesca and her young daughter are leaving London for a fresh start, money is tight and Robert’s mother has found them a little cottage in her village. Francesca is grateful for the help, but why does Robert’s mother want to keep them so close? Does she know about what Francesca did in the hour before Robert’s death?

Soon Francesca begins to suspect there was more to her husband’s death than she realised, that there might be even darker secrets hiding in his past than her own…

The closer she gets to uncovering the truth, the more she asks: is her own life in danger now too?”


I bought this one on iBooks not too long ago as it sounded interesting to me. I am not going to lie, I couldn’t really get into this one! I didn’t really find it exciting to read. Basically the reason why I wasn’t motivated to write a review. I found this one average and a little difficult to understand at times. Definitely a few unlikable characters also. I feel like the whole book was just on the same level the entire time, no real exciting bits.

Again, this is all just my personal opinion. It has a lot of good reviews on Goodreads. I feel like this is definietely one you would want to read for yourself. It would be good for people into drama. I don’t believe it had any suspense.

The genre of this one is mystery, thriller & suspense.

About the author
“Clare Boyd lives with her husband and their two daughters in Surrey, where her little green shed at the bottom of the garden provides a haven for her writing life. Before becoming a writer, she enjoyed a career in television, as a researcher in documentaries and then as a script editor in drama at the BBC and Channel Four, where her love of storytelling took hold.”

Apologies for the short review – this book just didn’t really grip me at all!

I give this one a 5/10.

Hopefully the next book I read will be a bit better. Thanks for reading!

Chelsea x

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