Book Review – On A Quiet Street

Hey everyone! I hope you’re going as well as you can be right now. Today I thought I’d do another book review as I have just finished reading this one. I made the mistake of not writing a review straight away last time haha. Today’s book is..

On A Quiet Street by L.J Doucette


When the fiancé of a prominent attorney is murdered, Dr. Pepper Hunt joins forces again with Detective Beau Antelope of the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Department to search for the killer.

Prosecutor Connor Collins’ dreams are shattered when Stacy Hart is found strangled in their home a month before their wedding. He’s convinced Jack Swailes, the contractor who found the body, killed her in a jealous rage. And Jack looks guilty when he mysteriously disappears later that day.

The investigation takes a different turn when Pepper uses her clinical skills to probe below the surface of the perfect couples’ lives. Chilling secrets and sinister motives that lead back to unsolved crimes with a direct link to Stacy’s murder are finally brought to light.”


I’ve literally just found out now that this is the 2nd book of a series. I have never read the 1st book in it. I am unsure if this would change my thoughts on the book, so I just want to point that out now.

Firstly, I feel that Dr. Pepper Hunt was definitely not the main character in this book, the main character was more Detective Antelope. According to some reviews on Goodreads, I wasn’t the only one that thought this. There was quite a few chapters where I couldn’t work out who’s point of view it was as it wasn’t clear. This really frustrated me and made me a little confused as to what was going on.

This book was pretty average for me to be totally honest. It didn’t excite me. I just couldn’t get fully into it. There was a little bit of mystery in the book which I liked, and I also liked the character of Detective Anteloup. The cover of the book really grabbed me with the dark street picture. It wasn’t a bad book for me, just not the best.

The genre of this one is thriller, crime and mystery.

About the Author
‘The stark and haunting landscape of Wyoming’s high desert is the inspiration for JL Doucette’s mystery novels, which focus on human experience at the intersection of psychology and law. She is a member of the Wyoming Writers Organization and the New England Chapter of Sisters in Crime.”

I rate this one a 6/10.

Thank you for popping onto my blog and reading this review 🙂

Chelsea x



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