What I Did for My Birthday – March 2020

Omg this post is SO late lmao. My Birthday was back on 1st March, right before all the lockdown stuff happened which was pretty lucky. I don’t even know why this post is so late. I think I just kept forgetting haha. Though, better late than never, right!?

Sunday, 1st March 2020

A bit strange, but I woke up in a hotel room. Not what you’re thinking.. we went to a wedding which was 4 hours away from home so we had to stay! I didn’t really ‘wake up’ either as I didn’t sleep at all due to anxiety. I struggle so much with sleeping when away from home which sucks, a lot.

We got up and got ready pretty quick, then hit the road at about 8am as it was going to take 4 hours to get home. We decided we’d stop somewhere nice for breakfast as it was my Birthday. Josh didn’t give me a present on this day due to us not being home and everything.


About an hour into our trip we stopped for a coffee/hot chocolate. Neither of us were hungry for breakfast so we didn’t end up getting anything!! We just kept driving so we could get home. We had to pick up our dogs on the way back, so we didn’t end up getting back until 3pm!! My Mum made me a cake which was nice. My Mum & Dad gave me some money and a new baking recipe book!

IMG_5937.jpegWe didn’t do much for the rest of the day due to tiredness. Though, the good news was that we had the next day off to do Birthday activities!!

Oh and on the way to the wedding destination, we stopped off at a random waterfall in the middle of absolutely nowhere!


You might also notice in the photos that there were cows hanging out around the water, until Josh decided he’d make a loud noise and scared them away…

Monday 2nd March 2020

We headed to Westfield right before lunch, and ate at Schnitz, yummo. I got some money for my Birthday so I wanted to spend this day spending it on some things I wanted – a Birthday haul post will also be coming soon, and I will show you what I picked up! After shopping, we went bowling as we both love this activity.

During the week, my present from Josh arrived and it was a giant Pusheen and I love it!


Saturday 7th March

This night I had a party!! As we couldn’t have anything on my actual Birthday weekend. Josh surprised me with lots of decorations which was nice. I also made my own Birthday cake (lol), it was a toblerone cheesecake! I stupidly forgot to take a picture. But everyone loved it which was really nice. We had about 10 people around which was a nice amount. We spent the night chatting, playing games, eating snacks and having some drinks.

Two of my friends got me this mug and I adore it A LOT and use it everyday! ❤ IMG_5995.jpeg


My Birthday ended up going for about a week which was nice. That is all I have for you today but I hope you enjoyed!! Keep your eyes out for my Birthday haul post 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea x


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