Kora’s 1st Birthday!

Prepare for cuteness overload…. on 5th May 2020 we celebrated our baby Kora’s 1st Birthday! Sadly, we couldn’t have a party like we did for Missy’s due to being in isolation/lockdown. She just got extra spoiled, as per usual anyway. She got special treats, and got some cheese with her dinner (her favourite), and some toys!

I’m going to post a few photos of her growth within the time of us having her. We picked her up at 8 weeks old, at the end of June 2019. She has been the perfect addition to our little family. She’s fully toilet trained, sits when she’s told, and also likes to shake! She is such a good girl. We couldn’t ask for better dogs, really!

The below picture was day one, us bringing her home in the car.


We hoped in the car and Josh said ‘what do you want to call her?’ and instantly I said ‘Kora!’, we had that name picked out for a while, I saw it come up one day when I was scrolling on Facebook.

Here’s another cute one, taken within the first few days of having her. I have this picture on a mug that I use almost every day.


The below was also another taken in the first few days. She was so little! And puppies fall asleep in the weirdest places…


This was her a bit older, her little body is just so cute.


The below was taken on a walk with her big sister, before they had cute harnesses.


The two below pics were at a few months old.



This one below was taken at about 6 months old, on our little trip to Bendigo.


This one is Professor Kora, wearing my glasses. She is 80% floof.

AfterlightImage (5)

This one is her dancing with her Dadda in the kitchen, at around 10 months old.

AfterlightImage (4)

And finally, the below is her at 8 weeks vs 1 year!


She changed so much, but she is just as cute as ever.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Chelsea x


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