Finding Out I Have Scoliosis..

Hi everyone, so during isloation/lockdown, as I was working from home, instead of the time I would use to commute to work, I was doing morning workouts instead. This was going great for the first 2-3 weeks. One day, a few hours after one of my normal workouts, my back started to hurt REAL bad. It came on really sudden, it was in excruciating pain just from bending over slightly.

I quickly realised that something wasn’t right here. I made a doctors appointment for that afternoon. The doctor asked me several questions, and refered me to get an x-ray done. I walked to the x-ray place across the road from my doctors (very handy) and got the x-ray done immediately afterwards. In the mean time, my doctor said to use over-the-counter pain killers. None of these worked in the mean time, annoyingly. Luckily, I was able to sleep still.

The next day I got a text saying I need to book in an appointment as soon as possible regarding my x-ray results. I booked in a doctors appointment for that night. This made me SUPER anxious because I had no idea what I had done or what was wrong.

I anxiously headed off to the doctors. And that’s where I found out I have minor scoliosis. I have a slight bend at the bottom of my spine, which can cause severe pain. This is something I would have had since being a teen, but I just happened to do something to flare it up. I have never had back pain or back issues before so this was all new to me. The only thing to help me was going to a Physio and Osteo.

Once a week, for 6 weeks in a row, I had a back flare up and I would be in a lot of pain and not be able to do much. This back pain has also caused bad pain in my shoulder blade area, and shooting pain down one of my legs, causing me to hardly be able to walk.

I have finally managed to get it under control now from doing exercises given to me by my Physio and getting the areas massaged by my Osteo. It aches at times but it is now SO much better than it was. It’s taken about 6 weeks to get to this point.

I can no longer really do workouts. I am also scared I will hurt it again and have another flare up. I mainly just do cardio (walking).

The Physio & Osteo said that I wouldn’t have found out about the scoliosis if I hadn’t hurt it. I maybe wouldn’t have had an issue until I am much older.

Definitely do not take your movement for granted. Having pain for that long was awful. I know a lot of people have pain like this all the time, I hear you and I really feel for you. I wish you didn’t have to be in pain like that all the time.

Thanks for reading my post, and checking out sort of a life update.

Chelsea x


  1. molly rose

    Aw no Chelsea I’m so sorry to hear that happened and that it caused you so much pain, but I’m glad your getting it under control by going to see someone. I’ve had chronic back/shoudler/neck pain for most of this year, and while I can bet it was no where near as bad as yours I know how it feels! Back pain is awful! Hopefully you can get back to slowly doing your workouts again soon xx

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    1. alltimechelsea

      Thank you ❤️ I can do most housework now except vacuuming & mopping (what a shame lol) but I can’t overdo it otherwise my back will start aching it’s so annoying! Just crazy I’ve never had these issues before! Aw no I’m sorry that really sucks, it is not nice at all and I think we definitely take these things for granted! Hopefully, the physio is helping me slowly get to that stage! x

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    1. alltimechelsea

      Thank you ❤️ Definitely doing a lot better but can’t overdo it or my back will start aching 😕 Mine isn’t bad enough to have surgery but yeah I’ve heard the recovery time is long! I watch a Youtuber that has had it done x


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