The Type of Friends You Need to Ditch

I learnt this the hard way.. it’s taken me a while to finally do it, but it’s done now. I used to be so close with some people, though they just started drifting away from me. I kept trying with the friendship, I was the only one trying. I never got the effort back. I have to admit, I went back multiple times, asking how they were, seeing if they wanted to do something or hangout. I finally got to the point where I was over it. I was sick and tired of feeling like shit and that I don’t matter. This isn’t just one person, this is a few. I no longer talk to any of them, and of course they don’t talk to me either. I unfollowed them off social media as each time I saw them pop up it just made me feel negative and upset, especially when they had tagged themselves out somewhere with my other ‘friends’ and posting pictures with them. It just makes me feel sad. For today I thought I would do a list of the types of ‘friends’ you need to get rid of.

“Be the friend you would like to have”


  1. The emotionally draining friend.
    Pretty sure everyone has one of these. It is always the people that don’t understand mental health whatsoever.
  2. The friend you are always making plans with.
    I had many of these, and now I don’t!
  3. The bailing friend.
    The one you make plans with but cancels last minute. You get over it eventually.
  4. The friend that always makes you feel like garbage.
    I had a few of these too… bye bye!
  5. The friend that encourages you to make choices/the crazy friend.
    This is literally my boyfriend haha! I blame him for me drinking too much, such a bad influence in that way! I have never regretted a night out though. I disagree with this one in some ways. Sometimes the best night of your life is something that is slightly illegal, bad or crazy.
  6. The moocher.
    DO NOT get me started…. the one who ‘borrows money’, the one who always ‘needs a ride’, just no.
  7. The friend who is only a friend if they’re single.
    Growing up I always said that I would never ditch my friends if I eventually got a boyfriend. I have a boyfriend now, and I still talk to my actual friends, and every now and then have a get-together, it can be hard to catch up as everyone is doing their own thing. I had two friends that never spoke when in a relationship. Then when they were single again, they’d come crawling back for attention.
  8. The friend you have nothing in common with.
    Opposites can attract though, right? I agree to disagree with this one. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t.

This sort of turned out to be a rant post, and I apologise for that, but it is good to get it out in writing. If someone can learn from this, just one person, that would be amazing. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments!

Chelsea x


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