The Fire – Story Time

This is something that happened back in 2010, just as I was finishing year 11, and I was living back at home. I was woken up at 12:30am by my Mum. I was VERY confused, it felt like I had been sleeping for hours, but it had only been two. She said to me “quick, get up, next doors house is on fire!” I shot up in a state of panic. As we were heading to the front door, someone rang our doorbell telling us about the fire and to go to a safe place. We knew straight away about the fire as my Dad is a firefighter in our area.

We walked out the front door and there was a very strong smell of smoke, along with an orange glow. About 5 different fire trucks arrived in our street. We live in a court so it was very packed. An ambulance also arrived and treated someone for smoke inhalation. There were firefighters running around all over the place, and the court was flooded with water. Everyone was standing around in their dressing gowns and pyjamas, watching and waiting. We know most of our neighbours, we are lucky enough to live around friendly people. Everyone was giving out blankets and drinks to the people from the burning down house. I even saw someone taking photos of the house burning down – this made me so mad as I feel it is very insensitive and rude, as this is a family home filled with personal belongings and special items.

Unfortunately the house couldn’t be saved. The original fire had been caused by faulty down lights in the kitchen. The smoke alarms didn’t go off as the fire started in the roof. The family woke up to their roof collapsing while they were still inside, how terrifying is that? It was fortunate that the fire didn’t spread to the other houses.

I was outside until about 3am, I went back to bed to try and go to sleep, but not much sleep was had as there was too much noise. The fire brigades didn’t leave until 7am – my Mum made eggs, bacon & toast for everyone for their efforts. Note that the fire brigades in our area are all volunteers – so they are unpaid. Naps were needed the next day, and it was lucky I didn’t have school! I don’t think I would have gone in anyway. My Dad was outside all night, came inside in the morning, had a shower and then went to work on zero sleep. He is insane.

This happened 10 years ago now (wow), I still remember it like it was yesterday as it was quite a scary experience for me. Everyone was safe and unharmed and that’s all that really matters.

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Chelsea x

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