What I do to Relax

Anyone that works full-time will know how exhausting it can be. I’m going to take you through a few bits & pieces that I do to help me chill out and relax after a long week at work. It’s very important to leave some ‘me time’ during your week, to do something for yourself. This can really help with stress and anxiety.

Have a Bath


Since moving into our house, which was in 2018, I have absolutely loved using the bath. I have been using Lush bath bombs (completely vegan & cruelty free products), The Body Shop Bath Foam for bubbles & various The Body Shop Bath Bombs:

Green Tea
Pink Grapefruit
Candied Plum

Lush & The Body Shop totally need to sponsor me. Adding these things to the bath just makes it seem so much more luxurious, and more like you are treating yourself. I like to lie down in a warm bath, and I usually have my phone with me and watch Instastories, or watch YouTube videos on my iPad – it is a great time to catch up with everything on social media. Afterwards I feel so much more lighter and relaxed.

Do a Face Mask

pexels-photo-1078058It is great to put on a face mask while in the bath – it really feels like you are treating your skin & body.


pexels-photo-906097This one definitely isn’t for me, I find meditation really boring and I just don’t like doing it. Though, I know A LOT of people swear by meditation which is AWESOME! You do you! It can work well for stress & anxiety.

Watch some YouTube


When I am just chilling out, I love to put on some YouTube, at the moment I am absolutely obsessed with watching Eleanor Neale’s true crime videos. I find them so interesting, and sometimes disturbing. I totally zone out while watching these and put all of my attention into watching the video. I would highly suggest you check out her videos if you’re into crime and horror things!

Eat your Favourite Snacks


One of my favourite things to do is just sit down in front of the TV, or computer, and eat some snacks. Yes, I am guilty of late night snacking. It is the best time to snack, am I right?

That is all I have for you today! What do you love to do to relax?

Chelsea x


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