Get To Know Me – 2 Years Later – Part 2

If you haven’t seen part 1 to this – make sure you check that out also! It doesn’t matter which one you read first. Let’s start answering the rest of the questions!

69. Favourite animal?
Before: Dogs.
After: Still dogs 😊

70. What colour is your underwear?
Before: Black.
After: Same 😂

71. Chocolate or Vanilla?
Before: Vanilla.
After: Chocolate!!

72. Favourite ice cream flavour?
Before: Choc mint!
After: It’s still the same but I also love any Ben & Jerry’s with cookie dough or fudge brownie!

73. What colour shirt are you wearing?
Before: Black.
After: White & grey

74. What colour pants?
Before: Grey.
After: White & grey

75. Favourite tv show?
Before: 13 Reasons Why – it’s incredible.
After: I think my previous answer still stands!

76. Favourite movie?
Before: Princess Diaries.
After: Same!! 😂

77. Mean Girls or Mean Girls 2?
Before: The first one, definitely.
After: Why is this even a question? 😂 The original!

78. Mean Girls or 21 Jump Street?
Before: I LOVE 21 Jump Street!
After: Yep my answer is still the same!

79. Favourite character from Mean Girls?
Before: Glen Coco.
After: Haha I was funny… but I’m going to say the same.

80. Favourite character from Finding Nemo?
Before: Dory, definitely.
After: Haha yessss!

81. First person you talked to today?
Before: My boyfriend.
After: My Fiance 😉

82. Last person you talked to today?
Before: My boyfriend.
After: Fiance 😁

83. Is there anyone you want to punch in the face right now?
Before: Everyone that drives that shouldn’t be. #roadrage
After: Omg yes… too many people

84. In a fight with someone?
Before: No.
After: Kind of

85. How many sweatpants do you have?
Before: Two pairs.
After: About 4 pairs now

86. How many sweaters/hoodies do you have?
Before: About six.
After: About the same!

87. Last movie you watched?
Before: The Kissing Booth.
After: Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone!!

88. Favourite actress?
Before: Hilary Duff.
After: I don’t really have a favourite actress

89. Favourite actor?
Before: Johnny Depp.
After: Johnny Depp is very talented, but I think my favourite is Penn Badgely right now.

90. Do you tan a lot?
Before: Not at all
After: NO HAHA 🤣

91. Have any pets?
Before: Two! A dog & a bird.
After: 3! Two dogs & a bird 😊

92. How are you feeling?
Before: Not great, that’s pretty normal for me.
After: Haha same.

93. Do you type fast?
Before: I think I do, yes.
After: Yes but I make typos

94. Do you regret anything from your past?
Before: A couple things.
After: Lol YES

95. Can you spell well?
Before: Generally, yes.
After: I think so, there are a few words I never remember how to spell – examples are ‘permanately’, ‘seperately’, and a few more.. not even sure if I’ve spelled them right here!

96. Do you miss anyone from your past?
Before: Yes.
After: Yeah

97. Ever been to a bonfire party?
Before: Yep!
After: Yes!

98. Ever broken someone’s heart?
Before: I think so, it sucks.
After: Yes sadly.

99. Have you ever been on a horse?
Before: I have, and didn’t enjoy it.
After: Yeah, not a fan.

100. What should you be doing?
Before: Relaxing.
After: It’s night time as I’m writing this, so the above answer still stands.

101. Is something irritating you right now?
Before: Yes, my stomach.

102. Have you ever liked someone so much it hurt?
Before: Yeah.
After: Same answer,

103. Who was the last person you cried in front of?
Before: My boyfriend.
After: My Fiance. I’m pretty good at hiding it otherwise.

104. What was your childhood nickname?
Before: Chops.
After: My Mum, Dad & one of my Auntie’s still call me this haha.

105. Have you ever been out of your province/state?
Before: I’ve been to a different state, yes, but not a different country.
After: Yep!

106. Do you play the Wii?
Before: I used to!
After: Haha wow yes I used to, seems like so long ago now. I still have one!

107. Are you listening to music right now?
Before: No, but that’s a good idea!
After: Yes!

108. Do you like chicken noodle soup?
Before: Yep.
After: Yes!

109. Do you like Chinese food?
Before: Yep!
After: Yes! Yum.

110. Favourite book?
Before: A Cottage In a Wood – read my review here!
After: The Woman In The Window by A.J. Finn

111. Are you afraid of the dark?
Before: At times, yes.
After: Yeah at times.

112. Are you mean?
Before: No.
After: Not at all.

113. Is cheating ever okay?
Before: Never.
After: Never ever.

114. Can you keep white shoes clean?
Before: Haha, no.
After: I try but it never works 😥

115. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Before: Sure.
After: Yeah but it hasn’t happened to me.

116. Do you believe in true love?
Before: Yep.
After: Yes!

117. Are you currently bored?
Before: Nope.
After: No actually.

118. What makes you happy?
Before: Doing something I enjoy.
After: Having days off work, having something good to watch, having a good game to play, having good snacks in the cupboard..

119. Would you change your name?
Before: No I quite like it.
After: Nope

120. What your zodiac sign?
Before: Pisces!
After: Same

121. Do you like subway?
Before: Yes I do.
After: Yes but I don’t have it very often. I used to buy a bag of cookies every week haha.

122. Can you count to one million?
Before: Probably, I’m not wasting my time on that though haha.
After: Yeah.

123. Do you sleep with your doors open or closed?
Before: Closed, to keep noise out.
After: Same!

124. How tall are you?
Before: 165cm
After: Still the same.

125. Curly or Straight hair?
Before: Depends on my mood, but I like both.
After: Curly!

126. Brunette or Blonde?
Before: I like both!
After: I am basically blonde now, and I love it!

127. Summer or Winter?
Before: Winter.
After: Yeah winter

128. Favourite month?
Before: March – my birthday month.
After: Yeah the same

129. Are you a vegetarian?
Before: No.
After: Nope

130. Dark, milk or white chocolate?
Before: Milk!
After: Same!

131. Tea or Coffee?
Before: Coffee, definitely.
After: COFFEE!!!

132. Was today a good day?
Before: So far so good.
After: Yeah not too bad

133. Mars or Snickers?
Before: Snickers! I hate Mars Bars.
After: Snickers!! But I just wanted to mention that I love mars bar slice!!

134. What’s your favourite quote?
Before: “You are one day closer to eating your next plate of nachos.”
After: Haha still the same. I’m not really a quote person and this is the only one that every comes to mind hah!

135. Do you believe in ghosts?
Before: I’m honestly not sure.
After: I’m still not sure but I have watched lots of ‘real’ ghost shows

Done! All the questions re-answered! I hope you enjoyed this! Again, feel free to copy & paste the questions and answer them yourself.

Thank you for reading!

Chelsea x


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