My Nintendo Switch Games!

Welcome to a gaming related post! My Nintendo Switch has been a life saver during lockdown – Animal Crossing definitely was released at the perfect time. I thought I’d go through the games I own and what my favourites are!

Animal Crossing

This is the one I have definitely played the most. I have played it every day since it came out πŸ˜‚ I have a life I swear. I’ve been playing Animal Corssing since it was on Nindendo DS, so I am not surprised at all that I have been playing this one a lot. I just love how chill this game is.

Mario Kart 8

I absolutely love Mario Kart, it is my GAME! It is one of the only games I can beat my Fiance at πŸ˜‚ He is a full-on gamer too! He doesn’t enjoy playing this with me very much πŸ˜› I have been playing Mario Kart since the Nintendo 64.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

This is one of the first games that came out on the Switch. I think it is definitely the best made game I have played on this console, not my favourite though as it isn’t exactly my type of game. But I can definitely appreciate it for what it is. This is more Josh’s type of game, he loves it.

Super Mario Party

This is always a lot of fun to play with someone, or a small group. Josh & I love playing the dance/rhythm part of it. The scores are always so close between us when we play – it gets a little competitive but it’s so much fun.

51 World Wide Games

I have always been a fan of Clubhouse Games from the Nintendo DS. Easy to pick up and play whenever. When I heard this one was coming out I was very excited. It is definitely worth the money, there is so many different games to play! Board games, card games, action games, sports games – you name it! Good to play alone with CPU’s (computer players) or with someone else.

Cooking Mama Cookstar

I have always liked playing Cooking Mama, it’s a bit of fun and nothing too serious. It also gets you moving a tad as to cook you have to move your joycon (controller) to do the activities. This one would be good for kids.

A side note – I was lucky to get this at the time as it shortly had to be pulled from the shelves as apparently it didn’t get the ‘big boss tick’. So essentially it was released and wasn’t properly checked. It’s all good though – no issues that I’ve come across!

Crash Team Racing – Nitro Fueled

I have always loved Crash, as well as racing/driving games in general. Honestly, I haven’t played this one that much! I really need to get into it properly. I just don’t like that the controls are totally different to Mario Kart. If they were the same, it would be a lot easier to get into in my opinion.

Super Smash Bros

Ok so this one isn’t really my thing because all I seem to do is mash the buttons and hope for the best 🀣 Josh got this one for himself but he seems to like it. It can be fun with a small group. But again, all I do is mash the buttons haha πŸ˜‚

Pokemon – Lets Go Eevee

This is another one I haven’t played enough of, and need to play more. I’ve never been a HUGE Pokemon fan. I’ve TRIED to get into it but I struggle. It is definitely more of Josh’s sort of game. He always ends up helping me when I play haha.

Donkey Kong Country – Tropical Freeze

This is a pretty good game. Donkey Kong on the Game Boy was always my favourite to play on that console. It is a nice challenging game. It is also good to play co-op. I would rather it co-op as I can get the extra help and it gives me less chance to fail πŸ˜‚

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Last but not least, a Toad game! Toad is my second favourite Mario character. My top favourite is Yoshi πŸ’— This is a nice little puzzle game. It’s a really interesting concept as you can’t jump, only walk. I played it a lot at one stage, but haven’t played it recently. Another one I need to try and get into again!

Those are all the games I own on Switch! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve played any of these and what your favourites are!! I also have some digital Switch games but I thought I’d just go through my physical ones today 😊

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Chelsea x


  1. Dellybird

    I love Animal Crossing it is just the BEST game to relax on. At some point I need to restart Zelda as I got part way through and then put it down so can’t remember half of the things I should! I really want to get the ‘new’ Mario game which has Mario 64 on it (aka the best Mario game ever!) You have a great collection πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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