We’re Not Getting Married Anymore.. This Month

You may have seen on my Instagram or Twitter, that we had to make the difficult decision to postpone our wedding, thanks to COVID-19.

As I’m writing this, it is actually Friday 4th September 2020. As you know, I live in Melbourne and we are currently still in a full lockdown, and have been for WEEKS now. This Sunday we finally hear what’s happening and how we’ll go about slowly lifting restrictions. This lockdown is meant to end on Sunday 13th September. It’s been a pretty harsh lockdown, and it’s hard seeing other countries go back to ‘normal’. We can’t even go out for a meal. We’re currently in ‘stage 4’ of restrictions..

  • We are not permitted to leave our houses unless for work, essential shopping, care giving or for medical reasons
  • Not allowed to go more than 5km from where you live
  • 1 hour of exercise per day (to walk your dogs etc.)
  • We have a curfew and are not allowed to leave our houses between 8pm-5am (unless for work, emergencies, care giving etc.)
  • Only one person can do the shopping
  • If you leave your house, you have to wear a mask
  • If you break any of these rules, you get fined

Also, the only shops that are allowed to operate are supermarkets, pharmacies, bottle shops and takeaway restaurants pretty much. All retail is closed.

Because things are this strict and crazy right now. it is VERY unlikely we’d be allowed to have a wedding with 70+ people in a months time.. so we’ve decided to move it.

We are now getting married in February 2021. We’ve been trying to look on the bright side. Yes, we have to wait longer (we’ve been engaged 2 years), but we’re glad now that our wedding won’t be associated with 2020, and the weather is more likely to be nice, since it will now be taking place in summer instead of spring. We’ve had to change things around and do a bit more organising. But we are thankful we were able to change it. Most of our wedding vendors have been really good and understanding during this time. We have even more time now to save for the big day.

So, I won’t be taking any time off on my blog in October/November anymore like originally planned. I have also cancelled all my annual leave at work.

I’ll now be taking a break throughout February instead, as well as Christmas and New Years – in real life, and on my blog.

Well, that is a little update about our wedding and everything we’ve been facing with COVID-19 restrictions in our state. It sucks, but not really much we can do! I am thankful that I have been able to work from home, and I am thankful to have dogs to keep me company, and also thankful for having the internet, and most of all, my soonish-to-be husband haha.

Thanks for reading my update – I’ll still be posting every Monday & Thursday ❤

Chelsea x


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