Places I Have Visited In Regional Victoria, Australia – Part 2

Hi all and welcome back to part 2 of this travel series! I have been going through places I’ve stayed at, or places I have visited in Regional Victoria. I hope you are enjoying this series 😊


I’ve been to Echuca many times. We always had family holidays here. Echuca is right on the edge of the VIC/NSW boarder. On the other side is Moama, which is where we usually stay. Echuca is known for having paddlesteamers and houseboats, on the Murray River which goes along the VIC/NSW boarder.

Echuca is north of Melbourne and about a 2hr 40min drive. I thought I had photos from Echuca, but I don’t! I know they’re somehwhere I just can’t seem to find them right now. Here’s a picture of the Murray and paddlesteamers!

Discover Echuca Moama | Visit The Murray
8 Reasons to Visit Echuca Moama β€” CamperMate

It is great to go on a paddlesteamer and also get ice cream in the main town. I remember there being a really cool lolly store here too. Not sure if it’s still there, I hope it is. I haven’t been up this way in a while, need to do it again soon when we can travel again. There are also a lot of other small regional towns that you can drive to from Echuca. We always went up in the summer and went swimming. I have a lot of memories here.

We stayed in a house boat here once with my Mum, Dad, Auntie, Uncle & Cousin. I was in prep (1st year of school) at the time. I remember playing in the water with my cousin and stepping on a bottle cap and cutting my foot open. I had a scar all the way through primary school! A fun fact for you right there πŸ˜‚


I went here for the first time around a few years ago, on a family holiday for a couple of days. We actually stayed in Mulwala, which again is the town just over the VIC/NSW boarder. Yarrawonga is around a 3-hour drive from Melbourne, and is also located north.

Damn, I definitely have photos from here and have been trying to find them but I have failed! Here is a pic from Google, as you can see there is a lot of water around.

Yarrawonga-Mulwala bridge Green Route Action Group issues invite to Ovens  Valley election candidate Tammy Atkins | The Border Mail | Wodonga, VIC
I remember there being great places to eat, such as the golf club and also the RSL. We didn’t do too much here but shop, eat and explore parks and walks. I got my first pair of Vans from here which was crazy, I came across a shop that had them for a decent price! And yes, they were legit haha.

Lakes Entrance

I haven’t been to Lakes Entrance in SO LONG! I was in primary school when I last went. I remember staying in a pretty bad cabin with my Mum & Dad. Dad had just got a new car and the camera was filled with a lot of pictures of it lol. I remember swimming in the pool and playing on the playground at the caravan park we were staying at. I also remember going on a boat and walking around the town. We have physical photos somewhere from this trip.

Lakes Entrance is about a 3hr 45min drive away from Melbourne, and is located in East Gippsland.

Stay and play – Lakes Entrance, Victoria | BIG4


The last time, and first time I went to Inverloch was only around a year and a half or-so ago. I went for a short work trip. We were meeting up as a team for dinner, then the next day we had a meeting and went back home again. I only got photos of the hotel room I stayed in, and sadly didn’t have a chance to take any other pictures! Inverloch is right on the water too. It’s a small town – the smallest out of all the four towns mentioned in this post.

Inverloch is located south-east, and is a 1hr 50mins drive from Melbourne. Not as far as the other towns.

Inverloch, VIC, AU Vacation Rentals: house rentals & more | Vrbo
2020: Best of Inverloch, Australia Tourism - Tripadvisor

That’s all I have for you today! Thank you for checking out this post. If you live in Vic, have you been to any of these places? I would love to chat in the comments!

Have a fab day πŸ₯°

Chelsea x

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