Dream Interpretations – 34

I thought it was about time I went through some more of my weird and wacky dreams! I haven’t been dreaming a lot lately. I’m not sure why, but I’ve still got plenty of other dreams to go through with you! 😊 I’m going to be picking out main objects/feelings in my dreams and seeing what they might mean. Let’s get into it!

**Trigger warning: death**

  • I was back at home. There was a window at the back of the house in the family room facing towards the backyard. I looked out the window and I saw a plane flying really low, so low in fact that it came crashing down onto the pergola attached to the house – though it didn’t collapse. The whole house rumbled. We ran outside. A few people walked out of the plane, but apparently there was someone dead inside. They didn’t want us to call 000, but we did anyway. I kept trying to call but it didn’t work. I then walked out to the front yard and kept trying. I kept walking and walking. The neighbourhood was different. I got lost. I never made it back.

    Window: “To see a window in your dream signifies bright hopes, vast  possibilities and insight. The size of the window is reflective of your outlook; a small window suggests that you tend to not get your hopes up too high when good things happen. To dream that you are looking out the window signifies your outlook on life, your consciousness and your point of view. It also refers to your intuition and awareness. You may be reflecting on a decision. Or the dream is telling you that you need to go out into the larger world and experience life. Consider the significance of the things you see when you look out the window.”

    Plane: “To dream that a plane crashes suggests that you have set overly high and unrealistic goals for yourself.  Your goals may be too high and are impossible to realise. You are in danger of having it come crashing down. Alternatively, your lack of confidence, self-defeating attitude and self-doubt toward the goals you have set for yourself is represented by the crashing airplane; you do not believe in your ability to attain those goals. Loss of power and uncertainty in achieving your goals are also signified.”

    Dead body: “To see a corpse in your dream represents an aspect of yourself that has died. Or it may mean that you are unexpressive. You have shut yourself down and are dead inside.”

    Lost: “To dream that you are lost suggests that you have lost your direction in life or that you have lost sight of your goals. You may be feeling worried and insecure about the path you are taking in life.”
  • I went to a pet shop by myself and found 2 budgies that I wanted. I didn’t get them that day, I ended up going home again. I remember the budgies being blue. The dream ended before I could take them home.

    Pet Shop: “To see or dream that you are at a pet store represents the responsibilities that you are undertaking. Consider also the symbolism of the pet that you see or purchase and how you may need to incorporate certain qualities of the animal into your own self. Alternatively the dream implies that you are searching for love and acceptance.”

    Budgies: “To see a budgie in your dream indicates that you lack initiative and new idea. You need to be more unconventional and spontaneous. The dream also relates to dependency and immaturity.”
  • I was having a house party or something. The house was two storey and was quite open. It had two staircases going up to the second level, in the middle of the house. Everyone complained about the music, so I changed it, I also randomly recall seeing a train in this dream.

    House party: “To dream that you are at a party suggests that you need to get out more and enjoy yourself. If the party is a bad one, then it indicates that you are unsure of your social skills. If you dream that you are at your own birthday party, then it represents appreciation for the life you have.”

    Staircase: “To see a staircase in your dream symbolises change and transformation.”

    Music: “To hear discordant or out of tune music in your dream signifies unhappiness, lack of harmony,  and troubles in your relationship or domestic life. Specific genres of music are personal to every dreamer. For someone who loves country music and hears country music in their dream, the interpretation will be different for someone who hates country music. If the genre of music is something you like, then the music is offering you some advice. If the genre of music you hear in your dream is something you hate, then it means that you are refusing or rejecting some advice.”

    Train: “To see a train in your dream represents conformity. You are just going along with what everyone else is doing. Alternatively, a train means that you are very methodical. You need to lay things out specifically and do things in an orderly and sequential manner. If you see a passenger train, then it relates to mental work.”

  • I was in the car with a friend driving. We were in a ‘fancy’ area. They started driving down this bush area, going down hill. They did a sudden turn and we ended up airborn. We then hit a tree and crashed to the ground. We were both fine.

    Car: “Dreaming of a car that is driving fast suggests that you need to slow down and think through your choices. You are so focused on your goals that you are leaving behind the people around you. If you are the passenger, then you are taking a passive role.”

    Passenger: “To dream that you are a passenger suggests that you are not in control of your life. You are letting others decide for you.”

    Hill: “Dreaming that you are going down a hill means that things are not going your way. You are experiencing some setbacks. Alternatively, the dream signifies regression or repressed thoughts.”

    Tree: “To see a withered or dead tree in your dream indicates that your hopes and desires have been dashed. You are experiencing some instability and setback in your life. Alternatively, the dead tree represents infertility or a lack of virility. Perhaps it signals an end to a familial line (as in a family tree).”

    Crash: “To dream that you are in a car crash indicates that your beliefs, lifestyle, or goals are clashing with another’s. It may also represent a shocking situation or painful experience. Alternatively, car crashes may forewarn of your dangerous or careless driving habits.”

Those are all the dreams I have for you today! They were so weird, as per usual.

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea x

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