Book Review – Tell Me A Secret

I have been zooming my way through books lately, I have been enjoying it so much! I have yet another book review for you today. I thought I’d take a little break from thrillers/mysteries as I’ve been reading a lot of them lately, and I thought I’d read a nice fiction/chick lit book. Today’s book is..

Tell Me A Secret by Jane Fallon

“Holly and Roz spend most of their days together. They like the same jokes, loathe the same people and tell each other everything.

So when single mum Holly gets a shot at her dream job after putting everything on hold to raise her daughter, she assumes her friend will be dying to pop the champagne with her.

But is she just imagining things, or is Roz not quite as happy for her as she should be?

As Holly starts to take a closer look at Roz’s life outside their friendship, she begins to discover a few things that don’t add up. Who is the woman who claims to be her ally?

Perhaps it was a mistake to tell Roz all her secrets.

Because it takes two to forge a friendship.

But it only takes one to wage a war . . .”

This was a nice read! Little things kept happening to keep me engaged and wondering what was going to happen next. I liked the story, and I like how everything in the book panned out. It was also refreshing reading a book that didn’t end in romance. It was also nice to read some chick lit instead of thriller/crime.

The only negatives I’d say is that I found that this book didn’t really have a climactic part to me. I also found the ending quite long, but it concluded nicely. I can’t say too much about it without giving anything away!

I really enjoyed it otherwise. If you are a lover of chick lit and drama, definitely add this one to your list. So much happens in it.

The genres of this one are womens fiction, chick lit and contemporary.

About the Author

Jane Fallon is a producer, as well as a novelist. She is most famous for her work on popular TV series – Teachers, 20 Things To Do Before You’re 30, Eastenders and This Life. She is in a relationship with Ricky Gervais, they met while studying together at the University College London. They live in North London and have a cat called Ollie.

I rate this one an 8/10 😊

Thank you for reading my review!

Chelsea x


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