Book Review – Lost Lives

Hey there and welcome back to another book review! I’m getting through my books pretty fast lately, I am absolutely loving taking myself to a different place each time I read. It’s so relaxing and exciting, Anyway, today’s book I’ll be reviewing is..

Lost Lives by Lisa Cutts

When Anna arrives in the UK, she believes it’s the start of a better life for her and her daughter. But what awaits her is more shocking than anything she could have ever imagined . . .
DI Harry Powell is investigating a shooting, but the victim has been scared into silence. As Harry struggles to piece together what little information he has, he stumbles upon an operation that may put countless lives across the country at risk.
As Anna’s situation grows more dangerous by the day, Harry is forced to push his overstretched team to the limits to find answers. But for one of them, will it already be too late?”

I’m back to mysteries again as you can tell! This one was quite a ‘dark’ read, and it was pretty heartbreaking. There was also something that happened in it that made my heart sink. I really got into this one, and into the minds of the characters.

This one wasn’t what I was expecting. I just thought it was going to be a book about a serial killer, but it ended up being about two girls that were brought into human trafficking. I don’t know too much about this, so I was pretty much going in blind. Human trafficking is an absolutely awful thing. I can’t believe this sort of thing goes on without anyone knowing, it’s disgusting.

I feel like the book could have been a lot longer, as I feel it was slightly rushed.

This was a good read though and I would recommend it. It had sad parts, as well as some happier parts. I thought when I started reading I wasn’t going to enjoy it, but I did! Not my favourite book but a fantastic read.

The genres of this one are mystery & crime.

I rate this one an 8/10 😊

Thank you for checking out this review, and happy reading!!

Chelsea x


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