Book Review – The Catch

Welcome back to another book review! I hope everyone is going ok and you are keeping well 😊 Todays book review is..

The Catch by T.M. Logan

“Ed is delighted to meet his twenty-three year old daughter’s fiancé for the first time. Ryan appears to be the perfect future son-in-law. There’s just one problem. There’s something off about Ryan. Something hidden in the shadows behind his eyes. And it seems that only Ed can see it.

Terrified that his daughter is being drawn in by a psychopath, Ed sets out to uncover her fiancé’s dark past – while keeping his own concealed. But no-one believes him. And the more he digs, the more he alienates her and the rest of the family who are convinced that Ryan is ‘the one’.

Ed knows different. For reasons of his own, he knows a monster when he sees one…”

I need to make room for another favourite, because oh my god – I LOVED this one!! The story flowed well, there wasn’t too many characters so it was easy and enjoyable to follow. It starts off being mostly Ed, the Father’s, point of view. Then it varies from Ed’s wife, daughter, and his daughter’s Fiance. I can’t say too much about this one as I don’t want to give anything away, but this one was very refreshing. I also read it very quickly as I enjoyed it so much.

I would definitely recommend this one! It’s crazy how you can think you know everything about a person, but you actually don’t…

I rate this one a whopping 10/10! 😃

The genres of this one are thriller, fiction, mystery, suspense and adult.

Thank you for reading ✨

Chelsea x


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