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Gloria Jeans – Favourite Drinks

If you’re unfamiliar with Gloria Jeans – it is very similar to Starbucks. Gloria Jeans was founded in Illinois, USA but has now branched out into 39 different countries, including Australia. Unfortunately Australia don’t have many Starbucks – but they make up for it with Gloria Jeans stores! Gloria Jeans is my fiances and I’s favourite spot to get a coffee. We have a ‘eSipper’ … Continue reading Gloria Jeans – Favourite Drinks

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Sprout Market – 10% Off

What is Sprout Market you ask? Sprout Market is an online store where you can buy dietary and health food items that get delivered straight to your front door! Amazing, right!? This is especially amazing for the people that work full-time and struggle to find time in their day to get to the shops, and also if you don’t have any health food shops in … Continue reading Sprout Market – 10% Off

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What I’m Loving this Month / August 2018

Hey everyone! It’s time for another monthly favourites – what I’ve been loving over August. Remember to let me know in the comments with what you have been loving! Nail Polish I’m pretty lazy when it comes to painting nails/getting nails professionally done. Lately I keep getting urges to paint my nails! I haven’t been feeling too good about myself lately – so one day … Continue reading What I’m Loving this Month / August 2018

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Super Easy Roast Veggies

You have to ‘adult’ somehow, right? Usually adulting means cooking your own meals (especially annoying when you work full-time and the last thing you want to do when you get home is cook up a feast) though the feast would be nice if it was just there ready to eat when you got home. Adulting usually means getting in your daily serving of veggies, too. … Continue reading Super Easy Roast Veggies

What I’m Loving This Month / July 2018

It’s that time again for another monthly favourites! There wasn’t too many stand out things this month, but I’ve managed to think of a few! It’s currently mid winter, so we’ve been staying indoors quite a lot – maybe too much – so we haven’t experienced as much this month as we usually would. Without further ado, here is my July favourites! Vegan Cupcakes I … Continue reading What I’m Loving This Month / July 2018

What I’m Loving This Month / June 2018

Get ready for my June favourites, because here we are! We have already passed mid-year, how crazy is that!? I constantly have different phases throughout the year. I’ll be really into something, then not, and I’ll move on to something else. These are my June favourites, let me know of your favourite things for the month, it can be anything from a clothing item, to … Continue reading What I’m Loving This Month / June 2018